Based on true stories and the unreleased songs of “Charley Django” recorded between 1993 and 1995, the plot follows an up-and-coming band at a turning point in the era begrudgingly known as “grunge.” After theater lights went dark, this audio musical drama was produced during the pandemic of 2020 to 2022.


The musical features a full cast of professional actors, singers and musicians. Social distancing left performers unemployed and isolated and audiences shut out from the arts that lift us in dark times. The production adapted. Scenes with actors were all recorded individually and remotely, in four time zones, brought to life with the magic of sound design. Book by Leyna d’Ancona. Music and Lyrics by Paul Siegel. Sound Design Dave Smith Audio Alchemy. Actors Michael Robert Anderson, Jenny Elizabeth Keul, John Carlin, John Brodeur, Jim Rogers, Ashley Monique Menard, Nakia, Marc Von Em, Elizabeth Thresher, Tari Takara, Bettina Skye, Steve Rubin, Ciara Mashea, Greta Wang, Alec Dailey, Ilana Labourene. Musicians Jon Evans on bass, Scott Amendola on drums. Music by Dogtalk. Sound Production credit for “Boomer” and “Forgotten” Steven Garner Cosmic Recording Company.